ISO 9001 background knowledge

ISO 9001 is an international standard (QMS) that focuses on the quality management system. This standard belongs to the ISO 9000 standard series, and has been recognized by more than 140 countries. The ISO 9000 series is one of the most widely used standards in the ISO international standard system.

ISO 9001 is a dynamic management system standard for companies of all types and sizes. Therefore, it is highly adaptable, involving manufacturing, services, non-profit institutions, and even government departments. Companies adopting this standard are designed to meet customer and regulatory requirements, to enhance customer satisfaction, and to achieve continuous improvement.

Benefits of implementing ISO 9001

Through a quality management system to provide ways to ensure customer satisfaction.

A complete set of continuous and well-designed procedures

Employees have a stronger sense of quality

Reduce customer complaints, increase customer satisfaction

Reduce defects, reduce waste and duplication of work

Maintain and increase market share

Provide a way to develop new markets

Provide an obvious system that includes a "Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)" approach to drive improvements

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ISO9001:2015 Certificate