The talk is no more than a platitude. Once upon a time, science not developed, most people use what was readily available goods to cure their sicknesses. So they found out that besides from giving them food, plants also have medicinal value which were effective in curing their illnesses.


Then the drugs appeared.These are also effective, even more effective than the traditional herbs they have used before.More and more people trusted these medicines. However, it doesn't mean that none of them continued to use the herbs. In fact, it is amazing to note that at present time, We found that even if the technology is so developed, but many people still love with traditional herbal to treatment.


Herbal :

However, when you take an herbal remedy for your sickness, you have to be patient to see the results. Because most herbal remedies are consumed fresh, they are not incorporated with chemicals that hasten the results.

In terms of effectiveness, I think it must to say herbal are really effective. What is also amazing about herbal remedies is that a single plant can be used to treat so many different diseases, unlike synthetic drugs.That is the reason why people will always use herbal, and continue for thousands of years.


Synthetic drugs:

No one can doubt the effectiveness of synthetic drugs, and so many pharmaceutical companies improve and improve over time.

On one hand ,Some people would say that Herbals are not as effective as Synthetic drugs because they are made with plant extracts, but what makes them more effective is that the compounds needed to cure a certain ailment is already separated from the other components of the plant extract, which helps it target the disease faster.

On the other hand, beside from plant extracts, are also made with chemicals that hasten the healing process of the body.



These are made from all natural ingredients, so you can rest assured that there will be less risk and some of the things that are harmful to the body. In addition, most herbs have no side effects on the body, because they are natural .

There is also little chance that herbal remedies will make the patient allergic to. However, it is best to consult a doctor before taking anything to avoid the herbal medicine is toxic and may be fatal.


Synthetic drugs:

Most synthetic drugs come with warnings on their labels regarding over dosage. This is because some chemicals used in making these drugs are too strong for the body to take. Even the innocent cough syrup becomes fatal once taken without medical supervision. Synthetic drugs are also not very safe for pregnant women to take.

Over dosage of some synthetic drugs may likely cause drug addiction and even organ failure. Failing to stop taking these medicines may eventually lead to death.



It is said that herbal remedies were used before because they were readily available in almost all areas.Then again, using these herbal remedies is made possible by companies who sell herbs in the form of pills and who sell the health product in health stores 


Synthetic drugs:

Common synthetic drugs can be bought almost anywhere, in the pharmacy and in the drugstore. You can go to any clinic and you will surely find a medicine can relieve your headache.


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Synthetic drugs&Herbal----Why more and more people choose Herbal