Organic Chaga Extract

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Organic Chaga Mushroom Known as a powerful mushroom packed with antioxidants. Chaga Mushroom Extract is made from Chaga Mushroom for anti-oxidant and supporting immune system.
Specification:Polysaccharides 20%,30%,40% ,50%
Extract from:fruitbody
* USDA & EU organic certified
* More than10 years of product development and manufacture experience
* Professional management team and precision equipment
  • Extract from chaga with national patent to ensure high content of polysaccharides and triterpene, without any excipient.

    Low temperature extraction, spray drying , soluble to water completely, easily absorbed.


    Raw material origins from organic certified plantation, strain is identified by Chinese Academy of Science, process is qualitied by QS, ISO9001 quality system.


    Active Ingredients: 

    Latin name: Inonqqus obliquus(Ach.Ex Pers).
    Part used: Fruitbody, Mycelium
    Polysaccharides , BETA D Glucan , Triterpene, Betulinic acid
    Polysaccharides 10%,20%,30%,40%,50%
    Beta D Glucan 10%,20%,30%
    Triterpene  1%,2%,4%,6%,8%,10%


    Pharmacological action:

    Lower blood glucose.

    Help to cure and heart disease, diabetes ad cancer (gastric cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer).

    Restrain AIDS virus anti radiation.

    Inhibition of protein biosynthesis.