Organic Tremella fuciformis extract

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Organic Tremella fuciformis extract / Polysaccharides 10%-50% / Relax bowel, lose weight, keep beauty
* USDA & EU organic certified
* More than 10 years of  experience
* Professional management team and precision equipment
  • Organic Tremella Fuciformis Extract is a fully water soluble cosmetic material extracted from fungus Tremella, The main bioactive ingredient in tremella is tremella polysaccharide, which contains a large number of carboxyl groups and other groups, and these polar groups can combine with water molecules to form hydrogen bonds. Therefore, tremella extract has a good skin care effect, which is called "plant hyaluronic acid". As an effective cosmetic additive, tremella extract is widely used in cosmetic market.


    1.Product Name: Organic Tremella fuciformis/white fungus extract

    2.Plant origin: China  

    3.Active ingredient:  Polysaccharide, Beta-Glucan

    4.Specification:  30%,50% ,80%

    5.Part Used :    sporocarp

    6.Appearance:   fine powder

    7.Test Method: UV



    1. Tremella extract can smooth skin texture;
    2. Tremella tremella extract has super moisturizing effect;
    3. Tremella extract can regulate skin color and feel smooth;
    4, tremella extract permeability is strong, easy to absorb and comprehensive nutrition skin;

    5. Tremella extract is safe and mild for all skin types (including sensitive skin types).



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