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Organic Coprinus comatus extract / Polysaccharides 10%-50% / Help digestion, embellish aperient bowel.
* USDA & EU organic certified
* More than 10 years of experience
* Professional management team and precision equipment
  • Organic coprinus comatus, named Shaggy Mane Mushroom or Shaggy Ink Cap, also known as the "lawyer's wig”, is a type of edible mushroom found in many parts of the world. Recent studies on the water extracts from Shaggy Mane Mushroom have identified several bioactive compounds with a strong action in regulating immune system and balancing the amount of sugar in the blood.

    Specifications of organic coprinus comatus extract:

    1.Prodcut name: Organic coprinus comatus(Shaggy mane) powder
    2.Latin Name: Coprinus comatus (Mull.:Fr.) Gray
    3.Specification: 30% 50% Polysaccharides
    4.Test Mathod:HPLC UV




    1 Enhance immunity: Protein is the most important nutrients to maintain the immunity function and the main component constituting the white blood cells and antibodies.
    2 Constipation: cellulose can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion and prevent dry stool.
    3 Sedative: contains a variety of amino acids and vitamins, can regulate the metabolism, play a sedative effect.
    4 Hypoglycemic diabetes: role of adjuvant therapy for diabetes.
    5 Other effects: Coprinus comatus also contains anti-cancer substances and active ingredients
    for treating diabetes, long-term consumption, has a good effect for reducing blood sugar levels,
    diabetes treatment, especially for the treatment of hemorrhoids effect.

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