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Polysaccharides 10%-50% / Triterpene 1%-10% / Enhance immunity, Anti-cancer
* USDA & EU organic certified
* More than 10 years of experience
* Professional management team and precision equipment
  • Organic Phellinus igniarius is traditional medicine of Asians (especially China, South Korea and Japan, etc.). In non-clinical field, it is usually used to treat: stomach pain, gastrointestinal disorders, lymph node inflammation, cancer, as well as promoting physical fitness and preventing various diseases. Until recent decades, these pharmacological effects have been gradually explained by science. In 1996, Korean Kim, H. M. isolated Mulberry polysaccharides from Phellinus igniarius, and found it can stimulate the adjustment of humoral immunity and cell immune activity, thereby releasing a lot of immune-stimulating products. Besides, in the description of Phellinus igniarius anti-inflammatory role, Kim, S. H. found extracts of Phellinus igniarius n-butanol can remove mouse ear edema caused by croton oil, and can also strongly inhibit chicken chorioallantoic membrane angiogenesis, and also found that the extract also analgesic effect.


    Product Name: Organic Phellinus Fungus Extract

    Latin Name: Phellinus igniarius L.

    Appearance: Brown fine powder

    Specification: Polysaccharide 10%,20%,30%,50%. triterpenoid 1% ,2%, 4% .

    Test Method : UV



    1. Inhibit the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells.

    2. Besides, it is an agent, it can enhance effect, reduce the side effect of agent.

    3. It has very good protection of liver function and can be used for prevention and control of liver cirrhosis, liver ascites.

    4. To prevent and improve immunity decline caused by adapting just-in-time inventory, etc. 

    5. Significantly improve the patient's immune level, resist radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects.

    6. Ease pain, treat loss of appetite, has weight loss effect and treat fatigue burnout and ease other cancer symptoms, improve quality of life (QOL).



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